European and American lawyers in Italy

European lawyers can practice their professions in Italy when they are practicing law and established in Italy. Such European lawyers (but not American) are primarily allowed to refer to themselves by their original professional title. Under special conditions both European and American lawyers can become integrated into the Italian legal professional system and is entitled to use the Italian title "avvocato".

This condition was standardised from the Italian law (Decreto legislativo 02/02/96 n.96) and is equivalent to the European guideline 98/5/EC.

In order to gain the Italian title “avvocato” (the italian attorneyship title) foreign lawyers must either take an aptitude test or have worked consistently and wholly for at least three years as a resident lawyer in Italian.

In such cases, after the completion of the required time period or meeting the demands of the aptitude test, the applicant is considered to have met the requirements for their full integration.

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