Web translation and web localisation

If you want your European clients to buy your products you need to provide information in their language. Web contents should be considered in a broader way:

Text, of course, but that's not enough. Even the code of your Internet site plays an important role. For this reason your Web site should not only be translated into a different language...

...it should be localised for Europe!

Let's say that you access a new Internet site. What is your reaction if it is not written in good english? You are likely to abandon it and look for another one. One which makes you feel "at home".

A localised website means that your customers are much more likely to find you, to browse the site once they've found it, and most importantly to choose your service over a competitor's.

Now if you consider European multilinguism, you understand how important this linguistic diversity is. And the more specific and "targeted" the language is (e.g. an internet site providing legal advice), the more difficult it is to translate this site into a different language.

In Europe there are currently 23 official languages. Enough to drive any reasonable web designer crazy.

A very clear example: let's think about the word " localisation". In American-english, you would write "localization", while in British English you would write "localisation". If you enter these words into google, the search-engine will deliver very different results. By typing the word "localization" you are more likely to get American internet sites in the first pages.

And the above example is only from American-english to British English. Imagine the problems when translating to an entirely new language (German, Polish, Italian etc.).

We are experts in translating and localising Internet sites into almost all European languages and specialise in customising contents and codes to suit specific targets.

Whatever your business, our web localisation service will increase traffic, efficiency and effectiveness of your business internet site:

  • Industry

    A good translation and localisation should be based on your specific products and industrial sector. If your offer a specialist product, search-engines must be able to find your internet site.

  • Legal internet sites.

    For those law firms and notaries aiming to offer their service to an international clientele. The localisation will be carried out together with native speakers with a legal background.

  • Tax consultancy.

    For tax consultants, tax accountants and auditors. Entering Europe will be operating together with native speakers with a specific tax and business education.

  • E-commerce and e-services.

    There are a range of matters to be taken into consideration before translating and localising an e-commerce site: obviously the strong competition, but even cultural aspects and "keywords".

What should be localised?

When you localise an Internet site you need a multilingual SEO. You should take care of the following matters:

  • Accurate translation of all contents

  • Choice of the "Keywords"

  • The titles of the pages

  • The files' names

  • The meta tags element

A Newsletter for Europe

Whether you have a newsletter that you need to translate or you need a new one for your business, Entering Europe can help you!

Web-marketing is culture

If you want to convince your visitors that they landed on the right internet site you should consider the cultural difference among different European countries. The same joke might not be perceived as funny if your interlocutor is German or Italian. In the worst scenario, you could even offend him/her.

>> Websites For professionals: a second issue is if your site has a highly targeted market. For example, if you offer tax consultancy, you should be using specific tax vocabulary: At Entering Europe we ensure that a native speaker with the relevant professional experiance will proof read the translations of all texts.

Web-marketing is above all a cultural and linguistic question.

We translate Websites into all European languages: english, german, italian, french, polish, spanish, romanian, portuguese and many more...

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