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A Network Apart: tax consultancy in English

Do you need tax advice in English? On a Network Apart it's easy to find English-speaking tax consultants, accountants and auditors.

Tax consultancy through Europe

Entering Europe networks tax consultants, tax accountants and auditors across Europe to provide you tax and business consultancy an any European country.

We recruit Europan professionals to attend e-meetings focused on the matters of our clients' interest.

After meetings have taken place, Entering Europe send clients a report containing an abstract of the matters treated during meeting.

The report contains the professional profile and the contact details of the lawyer who has attended the meeting.

After the meeting has taken place, clients will decide in complete autonomy if to mandate the professional. Should they decide to give them mandate, Entering Europe will not retain any commission neither from the clients nor from the professionals.

These e-meetings are ideal to collect informations about taxation among European countries.

Some examples:

  • Income taxes , salary statements
  • National VAT and double taxation
  • Accounting among European countries
  • e-commerce
  • Investment income
  • Custom duties, European tax laws
  • Please contact us for further informations
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