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Think you need binoculars to look at Europe?

Think again, because Entering Europe's e-services bridge the gap between you and your European country of interest.

Feel free to start business in Europe.

Entering Europe helps both companies and individuals aiming to establish their business in Europe.

  • Starting business in Europe.

    If are toying with the idea of starting your business in a European country, we can deliver a comprehensive report on the European market of interest and the legal rules governing your products or services. Read more

  • Business information: company profiling.

    Does insolvency threaten your business partner in Europe? Do they have an affiliate in another European country? Read more about European company profiling

  • Finding a business partner in Europe.

    Do you need a sales agent or a franchise partner in Europe? Provide us with a detailed profile of your company and the partner your a looking for (nationality, industrial sector). Read more

  • European extracts of businesses.

    We offer you companies' historical informations across all Europe. Extracts will be translated into your language of preference and delivered to you by E-Mail (in pdf format)

  • Europe for professionals: A Network Apart.

    How do I find a professional in Europe speaking my language? You need a network "apart" (languaged-based), which allows you to easily find English-speaking lawyers, tax consultants and interpreters.

an European Newsletter

Find out more about Europe. "Europea", our e-Newsletter, offers you freshest news about industry, environemnt, innovation and e-services in Europe.

Currently available in 3 languages for subscription: English, German and Italian

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Start Networking!

Are you a lawyer, a tax consultant or an interpreter? Let people find you as a Professional who can consult them in their native language ...with A Network Apart:

>> For professionals in Germany: Publish your profile in English, in French, or in Italian

>> For professionals in Italy: Publish your profile in English or in German

e-learning... English

Do you need to improve your English for your business? From writing wonderful emails to presenting your products at a trade fair... discover how to take an English course in your office!

English-speaking lawyers, tax consultants, interpreters in Italy| English-speaking lawyers, tax consultants, interpreters in Germany

Legal and tax meeting online

Meet an European Professional in Internet. How to get legal advice or tax consultancy in a distant European country? Online, with Entering Europe

Web localisation

If you need to customize your Web for your European customers, we offer you exactly what your are looking for: a multilingual web presence in Europe!

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