Tailor-made business English courses

Standard solutions do not solve specific needs!

Be using our tailored solutions you learn exactly what you need to improve your business.

Entrepreneurs, Sales managers and Architects have different language requirements.

One size fits all is a false economy.

Generic standardised classroom language courses are the past.

Flexible targeted online courses and private lessons are the future. Embrace the future today and meet your language needs with Entering Europe business english courses.

Our teachers are trainers, they are your personal language-trainers and help you by focusing on your specific target: what is important for us, is that you score your goal.

We understand that todays Europen professionals need a flexible english course which fits their busy schedule.

The Internet offers endless materials and resources. We use a wide variety of relevant media to accelerate your language learning and maximise enjoyment: blogs, newspapers, internet sites, video sharing websites, forums...

The aim of every lesson is that when you log off you can do something that you couldn’t do when you logged on!

Why e-learning?

Our E-learning english courses and lessons allow you to learn English in your office or at home:

  • Maximim flexibility

  • Evening individual lessons and courses

  • No requirements (Pc, DSL)

  • Innovative learning approach

  • Wide variety of sources

Do you need to focus on writing and designing business eMails in englishemail-english and increase the effecctiveness of your business! Discover our "total eMail solution" and learn how to design structure, content and style of a perfect business mail in english!

English crash courses

Deadline looming? Our Language Solutions Service is the answer you’re looking for. Crash courses for looming deadlines!

English websites

Are you a professional who needs a Website which doesn't look just "normal" but stands out from the competition? We realise, translate and localise multilingual and english websites

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