About Entering Europe

Entering Europe is a network based in Germany.

We focus on e-Services to facilitate European business and professional networking across countries.

A common legal framework applies across the EU, nevertheless many differences still exist between European countries , such as divergences among legal rules and taxation.

In praxis, these are often reflected in a range of problems occurring when you start business in a new European market.

It is not "only" a legal matter rather a cultural question, a Communication Dilemma. Consider the Internet: an endless supply of information is literally at the tip of your fingers, but how much can you really pick up if you don't speak the language? This is a common problem in Europe, because the are over 20 official languages.

Entering Europe's e-services are language-based in order to connect professionals and enterprises across Europe. Moreover we have built an internet platform, A Network Apart, to allow users from all over the world to find professionals - e.g. lawyers, tax consultants and interpreters - in Italy and in Germany, who offer consultancy in their native language.

Making Europe easier!

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